FleetAssure™ Modular Transportation Management

Low Cost - Easy Installation and Management

A complete solution to improve efficiency and productivity

Picture of Fleet Management Solution

Fleet Management Solution

Mix and match systems and features to improve Fleet Management, all designed to interact and report to NovaAssure™ our Web based intelligence platform

Picture of Powerful Components

Powerful Components

All in one solution: Real Time & Historical Location, Remote Temperature Monitoting, Vehicle based Video and Electronic Logs to monitor Hours of Service

Picture of Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

Get actionable insights and maintain regulatory requirements compliance with on-demand trip reports detailing location, temperature and vehicular events.

Modular in design: only pay for what you use


Low Cost and Easy Installation

All systems are low cost, easily installed, plug and play and proven technology

Modular Design

Purchase only what you need. Mix and Match systems and features at any time.

Heightened Regulatory Compliance

ELD/HOS and FMCSA Temperature / Transport of Food & Pharma.

Cloud-Based Monitoring

Web based intelligence platform: Access 24/7 from anywhere

Proven and Reliable Technology

Integrated solutions to improve efficiency and productivity

Real Time Monitoring

Real Time alerts by text message, email, or phone protect your cargo 24/7

Powerful Solutions



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